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Visual Guide to Different Flower Varieties with Pictures

Flowers are some of the most enchanting creations of nature. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances. To help you choose the right flower for any occasion, we have created a visual guide to different flower varieties with pictures.

1. Roses
Roses come in different colors and each color has a different meaning. For instance, red roses symbolize love, pink roses symbolize admiration and yellow roses symbolize friendship. They are often used in bouquets and as centerpieces.

2. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are bright and cheerful. They are favorites during the summer and fall seasons. They symbolize loyalty, adoration and longevity. They make great gifts and arrangements.

3. Tulips
Tulips come in various shades like pink, red, purple and white. They symbolize perfect love, elegance and grace. They make great centerpieces for tables and look amazing in vases.

4. Daisies
Daisies come in different colors and add a touch of innocence and purity. They’re often used for bridal bouquets and as gifts for new mothers. They also make great centerpieces.

5. Peonies
Peonies are breathtakingly beautiful and come in various colors. They symbolize good fortune, romance and prosperity. They make great centerpieces for tables and look amazing in arrangements.

6. Orchids
Orchids come in different shapes and sizes. They symbolize beauty, luxury and grace. They add elegance to any setting and are often used as gifts for special occasions.

7. Irises
Irises come in many kinds of colors including yellow, purple, blue and white. They symbolize royalty, wisdom and admiration. They make great gifts for special occasions and can be added to arrangements.

8. Lilies
Lilies come in different colors and each color represents a different meaning. White lilies represent purity and innocence, while pink lilies represent grace and admiration. They make great centerpieces and look amazing in vases.

9. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums come in various colors like yellow, pink, white and red. They symbolize longevity, loyalty, happiness and joy. They are often used in bouquets and arrangements.

10. Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas come in different shades of blue, pink and white. They add a touch of elegance and can be used as centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements. They symbolize abundance and gratitude.

In conclusion, flowers come in different shapes, sizes and colors, each with a unique meaning that can fit any occasion. We hope that this visual guide to flower varieties with pictures will help you pick the right flowers for any occasion.