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Understanding the Process of Sidang Isbat Lebaran

Sidang Isbat is an annual process in Indonesia to determine the exact date of Lebaran or Eid al-Fitr. It is usually held by the government, religious leaders, scholars, and experts in astronomy and meteorology. The purpose of Sidang Isbat is to ensure that Muslims in Indonesia celebrate Lebaran at the same time, based on the sighting of the new moon.

Understanding the Process

The process of Sidang Isbat involves several phases, including:

1. Observing the new moon: The first phase is to observe the new moon, which marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawwal. This is usually done by specialized teams in various locations across Indonesia, using telescopes and other equipment.

2. Reporting the sightings: Once a credible sighting is made, the team will report it to the central government in Jakarta. The reports will be collected and analyzed to determine the exact date of Lebaran.

3. Holding the meeting: The government will then hold a meeting with religious leaders, scholars, and experts to discuss the sightings and agree on the date of Lebaran. This meeting is called Sidang Isbat or the Isbat Session.

4. Announcing the result: After reaching a consensus, the government will announce the result of the Sidang Isbat to the public. This announcement usually includes the date of Lebaran and other relevant information, such as travel restrictions and COVID-19 protocols.

Importance of Sidang Isbat

Sidang Isbat is an important process for Muslims in Indonesia, as it ensures unity and consensus in celebrating Lebaran. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, and the diversity of its geography means that the sighting of the new moon may vary from region to region. Therefore, the Sidang Isbat helps to standardize the date of Lebaran, regardless of where people live.

In addition, the process of Sidang Isbat also promotes the values of cooperation, consultation, and consensus among Muslims and the government. It shows that everyone has a role to play in deciding important matters that affect the community, and that differences can be resolved through peaceful dialogue and mutual respect.


Sidang Isbat is a unique process that reflects the diversity and unity of Indonesia’s Muslim community. By observing the new moon and holding a consensus-based meeting, Indonesians can celebrate Lebaran at the same time, regardless of their location or background. This process highlights the importance of consultation, cooperation, and consensus-building, which are essential values for a harmonious and prosperous society.