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The Ultimate Guide to 30 Exotic Flower Varieties

As one of the world’s most beautiful gifts, flowers have always left us in awe. From our weddings to funerals and everything in between, flowers have the power to represent messages such as sympathy, love, appreciation, and much more. And with so many different shades, sizes, and types to choose from, flowers continue to inspire us. Here, we’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to 30 Exotic Flower Varieties for those looking to add some tropical flair to their gardens or home decor.

1. Birds of Paradise: While commonly associated with Hawaii, the Birds of Paradise flower actually comes from South Africa. The wild-looking flower is one of the world’s most exotic-looking flowers, with its vibrant orange petals and striking blue beak-shape.

2. Protea: Another South African native, the Protea flower is a showstopper. Known for its massive head and soft, velvety petals, the Protea flower is often used in floral arrangements and can last for weeks.

3. Kangaroo Paw: One of Australia’s most beautiful flowers, Kangaroo Paw has a unique furry appearance with purple and red flower clusters that bloom throughout the year.

4. Torch Ginger: Found in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Torch Ginger flower has a stunning appearance of bright red petals that emerge from a cone-shaped bud, making it look like a flaming torch.

5. Angel’s Trumpet: A native of South America, Angel’s Trumpet has a unique trumpet-like shape that hangs downward. The plant comes in a variety of colors, from pink and yellow to white and orange, and can grow over 20 feet tall.

6. Rainbow Eucalyptus: These trees’ colorful trunks are a treat for the eyes, as their bark peels to reveal vibrant hues of green, orange, blue, and maroon.

7. Water Lily: Drawing from its name, these flowers float on the surface of the water, creating a stunning contrast along the water’s edges. These aquatic plants are native to tropical Asia and can bloom in colors like pink, red, yellow, and blue.

8. Fuchsia: These hanging flowers of rich fuchsia tones and electric purples dangle from trees and as perennials. Their elongated stems create a cascading look when hung from a basket or planted in the ground around trees.

9. Persian Buttercup: Also known as ranunculus, these flowers display a beauty that is unmatched. These bright, colorful flowers are popular in bouquets and can last for up to two weeks.

10. Chocolate Cosmos: Famous for the chocolate-like fragrance it emits, these rare, deep-red flowers are native to Mexico and are best suited for garden beds.

11. Dahlia: A popular romanticized flower, the dahlia is available in an array of shades, from bright white to deepest maroon, and is often used to enhance wedding floral arrangements.

12. Amaranthus: These unique flowers with a tasselled appearance come in various shades of red, purple, and green. Their long, tasseled flower heads help bring some drama to your garden landscape.

13. Lotus Flower: Another aquatic flowering plant, these flowers have unique features that showcase them as a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The stunning petals of the lotus flower open up and invite those around it.

14. Frangipani: Also known as plumeria, the Frangipani is known for its exquisite aroma and soft effervescence of light fuchsia Pink petals.

15. Blue Star: These fascinating flowers produce a stunning blue hue that comes to life under sunny skies. This perennial flower with their clusters of blue and white flowers can grow up to three feet tall.

16. Peony: Known for its romantic connotations, these massive blooms are cultivated in various shades across the globe, from deep double-red to blushing pink.

17. Porcelain Flower: Known for its delicate translucent petals and neon glow, these magnificent perennials are native to China and bloom in bright shades of white and pink.

18. Bonsai: In its own unique style, the Bonsai tree is a flowering tree that has been grown, trimmed, and sculpted to perfection by cultivating its roots.

19. Hibiscus: Native to the Caribbean and tropical Asia, the Hibiscus flower comes in vibrant colors of pink, red, and orange, and they’re often used to create stunning floral arrangements.

20. Lavender: Famous for its intoxicating aroma and striking blues and purples, this flowering plant is spectacularly suited for borders and landscape designs.

21. Passion Flower: Also known as passiflora, the Passion Flower is an astonishing flowering vine that is pleasing to the eyes with its array of colors and stunning, bright stamen.

22. Zinnia: These low-maintenance flowers are a popular favorite in a variety of colors, from pastel pinks and peaches to bright oranges and yellows.

23. Japanese Cherry Blossom: A symbol of Japan, the Japanese Cherry Blossoms are a representation of the beginning of spring and cherry blossom season. These stunning flowers blossom in white and pink hues, enhancing the wonder of nature.

24. Allium: Known for its large, round flowerhead, the Allium plant adds a touch of drama and elegance to any design and comes in shades of white, pink, and blue.

25. Jasmine: Known for its glowing white petals and fragrant aura, the jasmine flower is popularly used to make natural perfumes and teas.

26. Lunaria: Best known for their broad leaves and bright purple flowers, Lunaria plants are also known as “money plants” and are believed to bring prosperity to the one who has it.

27. Gloriosa Lily: Also known as the flame lily, these flowers are native to Africa and showcase stunning shades of yellow, orange, and red with striking recurving petals.

28. Tulip: Tulips are a favorite flower and a sign of spring. This captivating, versatile flower comes in every color imaginable, meaning it fits perfectly into any design or bouquet arrangement.

29. Red Ginger: This tropical plant features a spectacular red-colored bloom that adds an exotic touch to any space.

30. Calla Lily: Famous for its bold, trumpet-like flower, the Calla Lily stands out among other flowers with its pure white blooms, and is commonly seen as a symbol of resurrection and faith.

In conclusion, these 30 exotic flower varieties will give any landscape an attractive tropical and diverse feel. Flowers are a simple way to express one’s feelings, and the vast range available means we never run out of options for creativity.