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From Roses to Daisies: A Comprehensive List of Flower Types with Pictures

Flowers are not only exquisite and charming but also convey emotions, carry cultural meanings and can be arranged in a variety of splendid ways. With over 400,000 species worldwide, flowers come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, and are categorized into various types. From the vibrant red roses to the elegant lilies, here is a comprehensive list of flower types with pictures to guide you on your next floral purchase.

Roses are widely recognized as the traditional symbol of love, beauty, and passion. They come in various colours such as red, white, pink, orange, and yellow. Roses thrive in any landscape and are well suited for bridal bouquets, romantic events, and other special occasions.

Lilies are elegant, sophisticated, and have a long vase life, making them perfect for decoration. They come in various colours such as white, pink, yellow, and red. Lilies symbolize purity, rebirth, and liberty and can be used for an arrangement for a funeral, baptism or bridal bouquet.

Tulips are a popular spring flower known for their vivid colours and sweet scent. They come in various colours such as red, pink, white, purple, and yellow. Tulips represent perfect love and are perfect for birthday gifts, mother’s day, and other special occasions.

Sunflowers are known for their size and bright yellow petals, which turn towards the sun. They represent adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Sunflowers are perfect for decoration or as a gift for a loved one.

Daisies are simplistic, gentle, and playful. They come in various colours such as white, yellow, and pink. Daisies are often used for weddings, baby showers, and birthdays, and symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

Carnations are available in various sizes, colours, and textures and represent love, fascination, and distinction. They are a popular option for mother’s day and can also be used for weddings or funerals.

Orchids are unique, exotic, and represent love, beauty, and strength. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, and can last long if properly cared for. Orchids can be used for decoration or as a gift for a special occasion.

Chrysanthemums come in shades of white, yellow, pink, and red and are known for their long vase life. These flowers represent loyalty, love, and longevity, making them suitable for memorial services, funerals, and other special occasions.

Peonies are beautiful, fragrant, and come in various shades of pink, white, and red. They represent prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriage. They are perfect for bridal bouquets and weddings or other romantic occasions.

Hydrangeas come in various colours such as pink, blue, purple, and white and have an abundance of flowers in each cluster. They represent gratitude, friendship, and peace and are perfect for gardens, decoration, or gift-giving.

In conclusion, flowers are beautiful and charming ways to express emotions, create new beginnings, and celebrate special occasions. The list of flower types with pictures above is a comprehensive guide that will help you navigate your next floral purchase. Remember to care for your flowers and enjoy their gorgeous colours and delightful scents.