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Beyond Borders: Consolidating Economic Integration at Mabims 2023.

In 2023, the Malaysia-Indonesia-Brunei Darussalam Growth Triangle (Mabims) will be consolidating economic integration beyond borders. The annual conference, Beyond Borders, will be held to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Mabims integration in order to promote economic cooperation and integration between the three countries.

Mabims promotes economic growth and development in the region by leveraging the complementary economic strengths of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. The initiative aims to foster socio-economic development, enhance connectivity, increase productivity and competitiveness, and create jobs and business opportunities in the region.

The Beyond Borders conference will focus on consolidating economic integration at Mabims by identifying key areas of cooperation and collaboration between the three countries. The conference will bring together policymakers, academics, industry experts, and business leaders to discuss the benefits and challenges of Mabims integration.

The conference will cover various topics such as trade, investment, tourism, infrastructure development, and human capital development. Discussions will include promoting trade and economic cooperation, enhancing investment opportunities, developing sustainable tourism, and improving connectivity through the development of infrastructure.

One of the key objectives of the conference is to increase awareness about Mabims and its potential in the region. The conference aims to showcase the strengths and advantages of the region to potential investors and highlight the opportunities available for businesses.

Another key objective of the conference is to develop a roadmap for further economic integration between the three countries. The roadmap will outline the steps and measures needed to deepen economic cooperation and integration in areas such as trade, investment, and tourism.

The conference will also promote the development of a vibrant and dynamic business community within Mabims. This will include the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of a supportive ecosystem for businesses.

In conclusion, the Beyond Borders conference at Mabims 2023 will play a vital role in consolidating economic integration and deepening cooperation between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. It will provide a platform for policymakers, academics, and business leaders to exchange ideas and develop a roadmap for the future of Mabims. By working together, these countries will be able to harness their strengths and leverage the benefits of economic integration in the region.